This is the part where apparently one is supposed to refer to himself in third person.

Born in Manila, made in California, Miguel directs short films, documentaries, and commercials. He started this craft-turned-career when his first doc Larry Hunt: Bucketman – made at age seventeen – was invited to be part of the Nashville Film Festival’s Young Filmmakers program. From there, he’s had his work show all around America. His film Prima, a short about a ballerina grieving the loss of her career, premiered at 2012’s Tribeca Film Festival. Two years later, People & Plates, a portrait of a Los Angeles chef’s intimate process, was featured at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Soon after, his other short First Match, a story of a teenager facing his fear of vulnerability, won Best Short at the Grand Rapids Film Festival.
Today, Miguel is based once again in Manila where he shoots ads all around Southeast Asia as an in-house director for 88storey Films.

An avid traveler, the Philippine native enjoys exploring new cities, gathering photos and typing essays along the way. On occasion, he also contributes to Rogue magazine.

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